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Tour Bus Parking - Vinci, 5 Via Bruno Buozzi, Italy

5 Via Bruno Buozzi, Vinci, 50059, Italy

Bus and tourist coaches parking in Vinci, 5 Via Bruno Buozzi, Italy.

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Tourist bus parking areas are extended parking areas. There are paid or free. There are car parks that require special permits to park a tourist bus. They can be supervised, in a few of the times they even have toilets. They are hardly located in the city center. So usually tourists are brought closer to the center, using the tourist bus stops, and then they go to park in these rest areas. Unfortunately, most of them will not find services for drivers and therefore remain quite isolated. Some cities, on the other hand, care about the drivers who bring them tourists and in return, offer them free services such as: toilets, shuttles to the city center, etc.

Submitted by busparkingmap on 30-11-2016