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Tour Bus Stop - Siracusa, Viale Teracati 152, Italy

Viale Teracati 152, Siracusa, 96100, Italy

Hop-on Hop-off stops for Bus and tourist coaches in Siracusa, Viale Teracati 152, Italy, to be used for boarding and alighting of passengers.

If you know this place, please add pictures, descriptions and recommendations via the comment form. It will also be useful to other tour bus colleagues.

Tourist bus stops are special points where passengers can be dropped off and picked up. They are also used as meeting points with tour guides. The best organized cities all have regulated and official tourist bus stops. Some are paid, others are free. In these points it is not allowed to make a prolonged stop (more than 15 minutes) for the time necessary for the loading and unloading of tourists. So it is good to inquire about tourist bus stops in advance.

Submitted by busparkingmap on 30-11-2016