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Tour Bus Checkpoint - Berlin, 43 Friedrichstraße, Germany

43 Friedrichstraße, Berlin, 10969, Germany

Bus and Tourist Coach Checkpoint in Berlin, 43 Friedrichstraße, Germany. Designated area for access regulation to the city's restricted traffic zones.

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Some cities apply an entrance fee for tourist buses called ZTL or Tourist Bus Check-point. These taxes are not all the same and are regulated by the municipalities that issue them and which enjoy total autonomy over their management.

How much does it cost and how to pay?

Their cost varies from a few euros, up to a hundred euros. Both the cost and the regulation are subject to change without notice, therefore we recommend:

  • Before each trip, consult the official pages of each checkpoint to check if the destination cities apply the ZTL Ticket
  • To make the online payment if possible, otherwise it can be done in person at the regulatory points called Tourist Bus Check-points where some also require documentation to be able to give permission. (type: travel document, registration certificate ..)

Is parking for tourist buses included in the ZTL?

In most cases it is considered a real tax where it does not include any type of service, other times they offer parking and shuttles to and from the center. In case of bookings well in advance, some cities reserve you reductions on the final price and for less polluting vehicles also facilitations.

It is important to know that despite our desire to keep the pages updated, however, it is very difficult for us to keep up with the changes and directives that are updated day after day and that is why there may be differences compared to the latest official directives. For doubts and / or clarifications, call or contact the relevant offices.

Submitted by busparkingmap on 30-11-2016