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Frequently Asked Questions

Ltz for tourist buses

What is the LTZ for tourist buses?
In some cities, tourist buses are required to pay an entry fee known as "LTZ" or "Check-point". These fees vary from city to city and are regulated by the local council, which has complete autonomy over its management.

Payment of LTZ

How much does the LTZ cost and how can I pay for it?
The cost of the LTZ varies from a few euros to a hundred euros and may change without notice. We recommend checking the official Checkpoint page before each trip to verify if the LTZ ticket is required or not. Payments can be made online where possible, or in person at the regulation points (Tourist Bus Checkpoints), where documentation such as travel sheets and bus registration documents will be required to issue the permit.
Does the LTZ include parking for tourist buses?
Usually, the LTZ is considered a tax and does not include any kind of service. Some municipalities offer parking and shuttle services to and from the city center. Early reservations may be rewarded with reduced prices, and less polluting vehicles may be granted special facilities.

Official list

Is there a list of all cities that apply the LTZ?
Yes, BusParkingMap has created a list of European cities that apply the LTZ to tourist buses. The list is constantly updated and derived from official municipal websites.
Are the LTZ information on this site reliable?
We strive to maintain and provide up-to-date and truthful information. However, it is challenging to keep up with the regulations that change day by day. Therefore, there may be differences compared to the latest official publications. Please contact the relevant municipal offices for confirmation.


How can I submit or update tourist bus LTZs?
Public and private entities can add cities that apply LTZs for tourist buses or report errors through our contact page. Your contribution will help other bus drivers plan their routes efficiently.