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Regulating Tourist Bus Access in St. Moritz: LTZ BUS

28 February 2023
Regulating Tourist Bus Access in St. Moritz: LTZ BUS

St. Moritz is a popular tourist destination in Switzerland, known for its skiing, luxury hotels, and scenic beauty. To manage the flow of tourist buses in the town, the Municipality of St. Moritz has implemented a set of guidelines for tourist bus operators.

On April 5, 2004, the Municipality of St. Moritz adopted traffic management measures for the implementation of the tourist bus plan within the town. The plan outlines rules and regulations for tourist buses accessing the town center, including authorization procedures, parking and stopping restrictions, and penalties for non-compliance.


Under the local traffic regulations, the St. Moritz municipal police are responsible for implementing and enforcing the tourist bus plan. Tourist bus operators must obtain authorization from the police to access the town center for specific purposes, such as transporting groups staying in local hotels or visiting local museums. Tourist buses must also comply with parking and stopping restrictions, with designated terminal and parking areas for loading and unloading passengers.


The tourist bus plan aims to manage traffic flow and minimize congestion in St. Moritz's town center, improving the overall visitor experience for tourists and locals. By enforcing parking and stopping restrictions, the plan also helps to reduce noise and pollution in the town center.

Tourist bus parking

After unloading passengers, tourist buses must park at the Signal cable car parking area in a designated spot. Parking is free of charge.

Tourist bus stops

Tourist buses are allowed to stop at designated terminals, including Via Rosatsch and the train station, for loading and unloading passengers. The buses can remain parked for a maximum of 10 minutes with the engine off.

Tourist bus checkpoints

Tourist buses are subject to inspection by the St. Moritz municipal police to ensure compliance with the tourist bus plan.


The tourist bus plan in St. Moritz is designed to balance the needs of visitors with those of the local community, ensuring a positive experience for everyone. By following the guidelines, tourist bus operators can contribute to the town's sustainable tourism goals.

Contacts and useful information

For more information on the tourist bus plan in St. Moritz, contact the St. Moritz municipal police.

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