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Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Rome: LTZ BUS

04 March 2023
Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Rome: LTZ BUS

The new regulation approved by the Administration of Rome Capital in 2018 introduced significant changes to the ZTL BUS A, B, and C areas, which are detailed in the text. Additionally, the text provides information on permits for tourist buses in Italy and other countries and the accreditation process required to access these permits.

Permits for tourist buses in Rome

Tourist buses will not be allowed to enter Rome's Center, delimited by ZTL BUS C, nor transit nor stop, except for primary school field trips with 30 daily permits and only arrival and departure transfers to hotels with more than 40 rooms.

New plan for tourist buses in Rome

The Administration of Rome Capital with Assembly Deliberation no. 55 of May 15, 2018, approved the new regulation for access and circulation of buses in ZTL BUS A, B, and C. The aforementioned regulation will be effective from January 1, 2019.

The main news of the plan

Rome was divided into ZTL 1 and ZTL 2; with the new directive, they will become, depending on the area:

  • ZTL BUS A: the territory within the GRA corresponding to the current ZTL 2 for buses. 24/7 including holidays.
  • ZTL BUS B: corresponding to the VAM ZTL, ZTL 1 for buses without area C from 5 am to 12 midnight, including holidays, in which vehicles longer than 7.5 meters cannot circulate.
  • ZTL BUS C: historic center, corresponding to the current ZTL 1 for cars. 24/7 including holidays, will be forbidden for tourist buses. The only exceptions are the vehicles that transport primary school field trips and those that accompany tourists to hotels, but in this latter case, with precise limits: no more than 30 buses per day, hotels with at least 40 rooms.

The Center of Rome, delimited by ZTL BUS C, will be forbidden for tourist buses, except for specific derogations where the so-called authorization C is issued. The available parking areas surrounding ZTL BUS C will be increased. The stops for tourist buses in the C zone will be modified, and the 15-minute short stops will be eliminated in the following areas:

  • Via del Teatro di Marcello, Campidoglio area, and Musei Capitolini will be eliminated, but the stop in Via Petroselli will remain.

The parking areas in the Colosseo area will be reorganized, reducing pollution and noise in the neighboring districts, and the number of contingent areas for Colosseo and Vatican will be extended to all days of the week. Operators will no longer have subscriptions available, but different types of entrance carnet can be purchased only online. Subscriptions will only be issued for Gran Turismo permits.

New Regulations for Tour Buses in Rome

In an effort to regulate the tourism industry and ease traffic congestion, new regulations for tour buses have been put in place in Rome. Here are the key changes:

Changes in Bus Stops

  • Tour buses will no longer be able to stop in Via San Gregorio and Via Colle Oppio in the Colosseum area.
  • Bus stops on Via del Traforo Umberto I and Via Milano for Fontana di Trevi will also be eliminated.
  • However, tour buses can still make stops at Via dei Cerchi and Via Claudia, as well as Via Bissolati and Via Ludovisi.

Permit Requirements for Vatican and Colosseum Areas

  • A specific permit is required for tour buses to enter the Vatican and Colosseum areas.
  • Reservations must be made with a designated arrival and departure time for the bus.
  • The permit has a cut-off time of 1:30 PM, after which a second infraction will be charged.

Regulations for Tour Bus Permits in Italy

The following regulations apply to acquiring tour bus permits in Italy:

Accreditation Process

  • To purchase carnet, GT permits, and request authorization for a specific service, users must first register on the web portal using SPID, the digital identity authentication system as defined by the Italian Digital Agency.
  • Authorized representatives of the user can also make reservations using their own SPID credentials.

Purchase of Daily Permits

  • Users who have already registered and been accredited can purchase daily permits for 2019 using the same credentials.
  • A copy of the legal representative's or authorized person's ID must be submitted via the web.

Regulations for Tour Bus Permits in Other Countries

If you wish to purchase carnet or subscriptions for international line services, you must go through the following accreditation process:

Required Documents

  • Submit a form authorizing the use of online tour bus services.
  • Submit a document from your country's competent body certifying that personnel contributions are up to date (with a sworn translation in Italian).
  • Register with the European Registers of Road Transport Undertakings.

The documents must be sent via registered mail to Roma Servizi per la Mobilità at Piazzale degli Archivi 40, 00144 Rome, Italy. Accreditation is required for any requests for exemption from the ZTL BUS C restrictions in the historic center.

Users who have already been accredited in the system can purchase daily permits for 2019 using the same credentials, as long as they submit a copy of the legal representative's or authorized person's ID via the web.

Hourly Parking

Changes to Hourly Parking

Hourly parking stops, which used to be for 2 hours, have been extended to 3 hours. However, if you exceed the 3-hour limit, each additional hour or fraction of an hour costs €100. Tour operators will no longer have access to subscriptions, but entrance carnets of various denominations can be purchased online. Subscriptions will only be issued for Gran Turismo permits.

List of Short-Term Parking Stops (Max 15 Minutes)

  1. Via Carlo Alberto
  2. Lungotevere Marzio
  3. Lungotevere dei Tebaldi
  4. Viale G. Washington
  5. Via Ludovisi
  6. Lungotevere Aventino
  7. Lungotevere in Augusta
  8. Piazzale dei Partigiani
  9. Terminal Gianicolo
  10. Tiburtina Station (West side)
  11. Viale Luigi Einaudi
  12. Lungotevere della Farnesina
  13. Viale Carlo Felice
  14. Piazza di S. Croce in Gerusalemme
  15. Via Petroselli
  16. Lungotevere Ripa
  17. Via Leonida Bissolati
  18. Via Giovanni Giolitti

List of Hourly Parking Stops (Max 3 Hours)

  1. Lungotevere delle Navi
  2. Lungotevere delle Armi
  3. Viale Pretoriano
  4. Via Tiburtina (Mura Verano)
  5. Via Appia Antica
  6. Viale delle Mura Portuensi
  7. Lungotevere Testaccio
  8. Via Caio Cestio
  9. Viale di Porta Ardeatina
  10. Via Cilicia (eastern side)
  11. Largo Settimio Passamonti
  12. Via Dorando Pietri
  13. Piazzale Pier Luigi Nervi
  14. Piazzale dei Partigiani
  15. Viale G. Washington
  16. Lungotevere Aventino
  17. Viale di San Paolo

List of Long-Term Parking Stops (24 Hours)

  1. Osteria del Curato
  2. Ponte Mammolo
  3. Laurentina
  4. Ipogeo degli Ottavi
  5. Monte Mario
  6. Piazzale Pier Luigi Nervi
  7. Largo Settimio Passamonti
  8. Montagnola - Georgofili
  9. Tor di Valle Station
  10. Pantano Station
  11. Casilina/Centocelle

Vatican Area

A zone near the Vatican City accessible by bus for passengers' convenience, followed by parking in designated areas.

Criteria for Using Vatican Area

The purchase of permits B1, B2, B3, and B4 allows access to the Colosseum area only if combined with the purchase of permits B51, B52, B53, and B54, and only if the daily limit of permits B1, B2, B3, and B4 has not been exhausted. Passenger pick-up/drop-off is only allowed in short-term parking areas (maximum 15 minutes). Waiting for passengers is only allowed in dedicated areas. Time slots are until 1:30 PM or from 1:30 PM.

Note: Long-term parking areas available depend on the purchased permit category and must be reserved in advance. The reservation entitles you to reserve a parking spot in the same time slot as purchased.

Vatican Short-term Parking (Up to 15 Minutes)

If you need to make a short stop at the Vatican, you can park your bus with the following permits:

  • B1-B51 at dei Tribunali, V.le Vaticano, V.le dei Bastioni di Michelangelo, V.le Giulio Cesare
  • B2-B3-B52-B53 at Via Gregorio VII (near Cardinal Micara)

Vatican Long-term Parking (Until 1:30 PM - After 1:30 PM)

If you plan to stay longer at the Vatican, you can park your bus with the following permits:

  • A1-Aurelia
  • B3-B53 at L.go Cardinal Clemente Micara
  • B2-B52 at L.go Martin Luther King
  • B1-B51 at Olimpico-Tor di Quinto
  • B4-B54 at Terminal Gianicolo

Colosseum Area

You can access the Colosseum area with your bus and park it in reserved areas to allow your passengers to visit the nearby attractions. The following criteria apply to the use of this area:

  • To enter the Vatican area, you need to purchase a B5 permit together with B51, B52, B53, and B54 permits. This is only possible if the daily B5 permit limit has not been reached.
  • Passengers can only board or disembark the bus in the designated short-term parking areas for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Waiting time for passengers is limited to 3 hours in the designated waiting areas.

Colosseum Short-term Parking (Up to 30 Minutes)

If you need to make a short stop in the Colosseum area, you can park your bus with the following permits:

  • B5-B51-B52-B53-B54 at Via dei Cerchi, Via del Circo Massimo, Via della Navicella, Via Claudia

Colosseum Hourly Parking (Up to 3 Hours)

If you plan to stay longer in the Colosseum area, you can park your bus with the following permits:

  • B5-B51-B52-B53-B54 at V.le Terme di Caracalla (Lato Antoniniana), Via della Navicella, Via Antoniniana


This area corresponds to the ZTL Centro Storico (Historical Centre Limited Traffic Zone). The following criteria apply to the use of this area:

  • All buses are prohibited from entering, except for those serving hotels with at least 40 rooms within the ZTL C area.
  • The maximum number of daily authorizations is 30, and the maximum time for entry/exit from the ZTL C and boarding/disembarking passengers is 60 minutes.
  • School trips for primary school students are allowed with a maximum of 30 authorizations per day, and the maximum time for entry/exit from the ZTL C and boarding/disembarking passengers is 60 minutes.
  • Buses transporting people with disabilities holding a special permit granted under DPR 151/2012 are allowed to enter the ZTL C area. The bus must be equipped with a platform.
  • Tourist buses authorized by the Administration to provide line, commercial, and school services are allowed to enter the ZTL C area with an authorized itinerary.
  • Buses transporting students from schools located within the ZTL C area are allowed to enter.
  • Buses with a length not exceeding 8 meters and compliant with Euro 4/5/6 or using GPL, methane, hybrid, or electric fuel are allowed to enter.

Tariffs for Daily Permits (Base Rate - EURO 4)

G - € 50

Tariffs at Checkpoint for 1 Day

Up to 8 meters

  • Permit A/A1 - € 44
  • Permit B/B1/B2/B3/B5 - € 160
  • Permit B4 - € 128
  • Permit B51/B52/B53 - € 192
  • Permit B54 - € 154

Over 8 meters

  • Permit A/A1 - € 55
  • Permit B/B1/B2/B3/B5 - € 200
  • Permit B4 - € 160
  • Permit B51/B52/B53 - € 240
  • Permit B54 - € 192

Online Tariffs for 1 Day

Up to 8 meters

  • Permit A/A1 - € 33
  • Permit B/B1/B2/B3/B5 - € 120
  • Permit B4 - € 96
  • Permit B51/B52/B53 - € 144
  • Permit B54 - € 115

Over 8 meters

  • Permit A/A1 - € 42
  • Permit B/B1/B2/B3/B5 - € 150
  • Permit B4 - € 120
  • Permit B51/B52/B53 - € 180
  • Permit B54 - € 144

Carnets and Discounts

  • Carnets of different sizes (50, 100, 200, 300) can be purchased. For information and costs, visit the website
  • Reductions:
    • Vehicles equipped for disabled transport: 10% reduction for vehicles equipped with a platform and a disabled passenger on board with a badge.
    • January, February, and August: 20% reduction for daily permits.
    • Vatican: the joint purchase of morning and afternoon permits entitles you to a 20% discount on the purchase of the afternoon permit.
    • Multiday: for consecutive days, the rate applied from the second day onwards is discounted by 10%.
    • Permit G: no discounts/surcharges are provided.
    • SDD: 10% discount in case of payment with bank SDD for the purchase of daily permits.
    • Electric, LPG, methane, hybrids: 50% discount.
    • Euro 6: 10% reduction.
    • Euro 5: 5% reduction.
    • Euro 3 Fap: 90% surcharge in 2019 and 105% in 2020.

Anti-Pollution Regulations

From January 2019:

  • Access is prohibited - even for Gran Turismo buses - for Euro 0, 1, and 2 vehicles and for Euro 3 vehicles without a particulate filter. From January 2021, the ban also applies to Euro 3 vehicles equipped with a particulate filter and Euro 4 vehicles.

Preferential Lanes

Tourist buses with a valid permit will be authorized to transit on the following preferential lanes:

  • Via Ostiense (central carriageway);
  • Via Santa Maria in Cosmedin (Mouth of Truth);
  • Lungotevere Aventino (left lane towards Piazza dell'Emporio);
  • Via dell'Amba Aradam (towards Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano);
  • Via Catania;
  • Via Gregorio VII (double-direction preferential lane within the carriageway)

Responsible for the procedure: Ing. Luca Avarello

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