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Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Perugia: LTZ BUS

04 March 2023
Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Perugia: LTZ BUS

The text provides information on access to the historic center of the city of Perugia, Italy, for tourist groups arriving by bus. It includes details on the ban on tourist buses, loading/unloading obligations, and parking areas for tourist buses at Pian di Massiano and Piazza Partigiani. Additionally, the text provides useful contacts and links for ZTL Bus in Perugia.

To access the Historic Center of the city, tourist groups can use the minimetro from Pian di Massiano. Buses can park at Piazzale Porta Nova (Pian di Massiano), except for authorized vehicles.

Ban on Tourist Buses

Since November 24, 2008, there is a ban on transit for tourist buses within the urban area of Perugia as per the enclosed map that corresponds to the inhabited center of the city, with the exception of the following areas:

  • Via Settevalli, starting from the intersection with Via Dottori;
  • Via Cortonese, starting from the intersection with Viale Centova.

The mandatory exit on the city's highway connection is Madonna Alta, which leads directly to Pian di Massiano, where the Minimetro departure station and the tourist bus parking (about 30 seats, with entrance and payment through automatic cashiers) are located.

Thus, tourist buses are prohibited from transit within the perimetric area of the city, but only for transit, as parking on public roads is still not allowed (parking in private areas is, of course, allowed).

Loading/Unloading Obligation

Loading/unloading obligation at the Pian di Massiano square (Perugia-Bettole connection, Madonna Alta exit)

Tourist Bus Parking at Pian di Massiano

  • € 11.00 for the first hour of parking;
  • € 6.50 for the second hour and subsequent hours;
  • Daily rate of € 55.00.

Access to the City

Mandatory ascent/descent from Perugia with the Minimetro, costing € 1.50 per person for a one-way ticket, plus an escalator ride.


Upon request, groups with hotel and/or restaurant reservations in the ZTL area and/or tourist guide reservations may load/unload at Piazza Partigiani. Access to the city is available through the escalator.

Tourist Bus Parking at Piazza Partigiani with Permit

  • € 6.00 for unloading
  • € 6.00 for loading
  • € 18.00 for the first hour of parking
  • € 12.00 for the second hour and subsequent hours.

Tourist Bus Parking Areas

Tourist buses can park at the following parking areas:

  • "Porta Nova" (Pian di Massiano - 35 bus spots), paying a fee of:
    • € 11.00 for the first hour
    • € 7.00 for subsequent hours
    • Maximum daily rate of € 58.00 (always open).
  • "Bus Terminal" (Piazza Partigiani):
    • € 6.00 for each passenger loading/unloading operation
    • € 18.00 for the first hour of parking (including passenger loading and unloading)
    • € 12.00 for subsequent hours of parking.

Contacts and Useful Links for ZTL Bus in Perugia

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