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Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Mantua: LTZ BUS

06 March 2023
Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Mantua: LTZ BUS

Mantua, a beautiful city located in northern Italy, has specific regulations for tourist buses' access and parking. The regulations include a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) and corresponding rules and fees. In this text, we will explore these regulations in detail, including the ZTL/BUS operating hours, obtaining a pass, loading and unloading passengers, fees, and exemptions.

In Mantova, the access and parking of tourist buses are subject to specific regulations, including a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) and corresponding rules and fees.

ZTL/BUS operating hours

The ZTL/BUS is active from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Therefore, anyone who needs to access the ZTL/BUS during this time must obtain a pass. The pass is valid for the day of issuance, and if access is required on subsequent days, as many passes as there are days of bus access to the ZTL must be requested.

Tourist buses that enter or park in the city of Mantova between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am are not required to obtain a pass.

Obtaining a pass

The pass must be displayed on the dashboard in a clearly visible manner for control officers. It can be obtained by accessing the website and clicking on the reserved area section. Buses without a pass are only allowed to access the ZTL/BUS to reach the checkpoint located in Piazzale Filangieri - Loc. Boma - Mantova, where the pass can be paid (see Tariffs section). The access routes to the ZTL/BUS and the authorized parking areas for tourist buses are indicated in the Map section.

Bus drivers can use urban lines free of charge for the entire duration of the pass by providing a copy of the pass upon request.

Loading and unloading passengers

Short-term parking of up to 15 minutes is allowed to allow passengers to board and disembark in Viale Mincio, in the two areas specially reserved on the sides of the roadway.

Even if equipped with a pass, buses are not allowed to stop or park for passengers to get on or off outside these areas, except for those heading to hotels or restaurants located outside ZTL A and ZTL B for operations strictly necessary for passenger boarding and disembarking.


A flat rate, which includes both access to the city and daily parking in the indicated areas, is charged based on the length of the bus: • € 50.00 (including VAT 22%) for tourist buses shorter than 7.00 meters (vehicle registration certificate); • € 80.00 (including VAT 22%) for tourist buses longer than 7.00 meters.

Payment can only be made by debit card or credit card at the parking meter with identification number 875 located in Piazzale Filangieri - Loc. Boma - Mantova (see Map section).

The payment process is as follows:

  1. Select the desired option on the display [BUTTON 1 - Bus up to 7 meters: € 50.00 - Bus over 7 meters: € 80.00]
  2. Enter the license plate number with the alphanumeric keypad.
  3. Validate with the ENTER button [GREEN].
  4. Pay with the card by clicking the + button [BLUE].
  5. Insert the credit/debit card.
  6. Follow the instructions.


The following buses are exempt from payment:

  • Those set up and approved for the transport of organized trips for the disabled or people with disabilities equipped with a special badge (exclusive transport for the disabled with accompanying persons).
  • Those providing public or scheduled services.
  • Those providing services on behalf of schools of all levels, public and private, based in the municipalities of the Province of Mantova, using a vehicle registered as a "school bus."
  • Those providing substitute services for the railway.
  • Those owned by the Armed Forces, Police Corps, Firefighters, Civil Protection, and Public Emergency or Necessity Societies or Companies.
  • Those owned by transport companies with headquarters or a depot inside the Municipality of Mantova.
  • Those providing trips or transportation for groups of residents of the Municipality of Mantova.

To benefit from exemption, access to the reserved section of the website is required at least two days in advance of the day of actual transit (by 12:00 pm on Friday for Sunday and Monday): at the time of the online application, appropriate documentation will be requested. Aster staff will verify the reservation and send the discount code by email to use in creating the pass.

Contact Information for ZTL BUS in Mantua

  • Official website of ASTER page
  • Toll-free number: 800-11-70-70
  • Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Online Bookings

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