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Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Lucca: LTZ BUS

07 March 2023
Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Lucca: LTZ BUS

If you're planning a trip to Lucca by tourist bus, it's important to know the requirements and regulations for displaying and validating the bus ticket. In this guide, we'll go over the necessary information regarding the tourist bus checkpoint, how to create the bus ticket online, the authorized temporary parking areas, and the validity of the bus ticket.

We'll also provide some important notes to keep in mind to avoid any fines or sanctions. Let's get started!

Tourist Bus Ticket Requirements

Tourist buses heading to Lucca are required to display the bus ticket as prescribed by Resolution no. 24 of 10/02/2023 of the Municipality of Lucca.

Tourist Bus Checkpoint Location

The bus reception point is located at the Tourist Information Office of the City of Lucca, at the Vecchia Porta San Donato, Piazzale Verdi, open every day from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Online Bus Ticket Creation

The bus ticket can be created in advance online through the Metro company portal:

Authorized Temporary Parking Areas

The authorized temporary parking areas for tourist buses to allow passenger unloading operations are:

  • Piazzale Boccherini
  • Porta San Pietro
  • Porta Elisa
  • Porta Santa Maria

Parking Area

The bus can then park and wait until the end of the visit at the Palatucci Parking Lot (via delle Tagliate di S. Anna).

Validity of the Bus Ticket

Each individual ticket will be valid exclusively for the entire reference period and cannot be used for periods other than the reference period. The tickets are issued to the requesting company/firm and must be validated with the date and license plate of the vehicle.


  1. The bus ticket must be displayed, for the entire period of stay in the territory of the Municipality of Lucca, in the front part of the vehicle and in a way that is visible and controllable from the outside.
  2. Failure to display or partial concealment of the receipt results in the application of the fine provided for by the highway code for failure to display the permit.
  3. Transgressors will also be subject to administrative fines provided for by Legislative Decree no. 285/1992 "New Highway Code"; the Municipal Police Command will transmit the acts to the Municipality for the forced recovery of the evaded fee to the extent of the maximum applicable fee (€ 130.00).
  4. Each bus ticket is valid from the time of arrival until 10:00 am of the following day.
  5. For arrivals in Lucca outside the checkpoint opening hours, online checkpoint is mandatory.

Tourist Bus Checkpoint Lucca - Rates in effect from March 01, 2023

1 Day High Season 1 Day Low Season Voucher Discounted Packages 50/100 High Season Voucher Discounted Packages 50/100 Low Season
Full rate € 130,00 € 105,00 € 5.850,00 € 4.725,00
Reduced rate * € 104,00 € 84,00 N/A N/A
Full rate - Sale of 50 for the price of 45 N/A N/A € 5.850,00 € 4.725,00
Full rate - Sale of 100 for the price of 90 N/A N/A € 11.700,00 € 9.450,00


  • Reduced rates are applicable to certain categories as mentioned in the previous text.

Online Payment Information

In light of the COVID pandemic, it is suggested to limit contacts as much as possible by using the online payment option. The online service for issuing bus marks to access the ZTL for tourist buses is available.

  1. Registration on the website To access the service, it is necessary to register on the website: The service allows you to receive the bus mark by email as soon as the payment is completed. You can check the checkpoint current rates here:

  2. Login to your private area Once registered on the website, you can access your private area (LOGIN).

  3. Purchase of Bus Marks

    • 3A) Full rate bus mark: In case of purchasing a full-rate bus mark, please press the "Purchase tourist bus mark" section.
    • 3B) Reduced rate bus mark: In case of purchasing a reduced rate bus mark, it is necessary to click on "Request for discount/authorization" first (in this section, you must attach the necessary documentation to obtain the discount as per resolution and rates table). Only after the request has been accepted by the office, the user can continue with "Purchase Bus mark with discount/authorization". The reduction will be applied upon request to be sent at least three days before arrival. After this deadline, the requests will not be accepted.
  4. Print your bus ticket After paying the checkpoint, enter your Private Area (LOGIN), and from the section “List of purchased marks” print the bus ticket to show it in front of your bus.

On-site Payment Information

If you prefer to purchase the bus mark on-site, the following are the instructions:

  1. Go to the Checkpoint Office The user must go to the Checkpoint Office and bring an identity document, the vehicle registration certificate, the company data for the receipt (including VAT number and email address), and any documentation necessary for issuing the bus mark with a discounted rate (as per resolution and rate table...).

  2. Checkpoint Office Details The checkpoint office is located in Lucca, Viale Carlo del Prete, at the Palatucci Parking Lot. It is open seasonally from 1 April - 31 October, or until the last day of Lucca Comics & Games. Tourist bus marks during the low season (1 November to 31 March) are available at the tourist information office in Piazzale Verdi, and at any...

Reduced Rates

As per resolution nr 24 of 10 February 2023, a non-cumulative reduction of 20% on the full rate is applicable to the following categories:

  • School groups from other Italian cities or from abroad providing a confirmation issued by the school
  • Groups staying in one of the hotels located in the Municipality of Lucca providing booking reservation confirmed by the hotel
  • Groups consuming their lunch or dinner, by food and beverage services located in the Municipality of Lucca, providing booking reservation confirmed by the food and beverage service
  • Groups participating in political, military, trade union, religious, sporting and theatrical events, sponsored by the Municipality of Lucca, providing the documentation of the sponsorship.

The reduction will be applied upon request to be sent at least three days before arrival through the website

The company Metro s.r.l. has the right to request the relevant documentation to verify the requirements to obtain the 20% reduction. If there are any lack of right qualifications, the full rate will be applied.

Ticket Valid for up to 7 Days

There is a possibility of purchasing in a single solution a ticket that is valid for up to a maximum of 7 days. This ticket provides for the application of the full rate for the first three days and starting from the fourth day the application of 20% discount.

Contacts and Information for Lucca's Bus Limited Traffic Zones?

  • Website
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: +39 0583 463911
  • Address: Metro s.r.l. - Via Fontana dei Borghi, 24 - 55100 Lucca (Italy)

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