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Regulating Tourist Bus Access in Carrara: LTZ BUS

10 March 2023
Regulating Tourist Bus Access in  Carrara: LTZ BUS

Carrara, a town located in the Tuscany region of Italy, is known for its white marble quarries that have been in use since Roman times. Over the years, the town has become a popular tourist destination, with a constant influx of buses arriving to visit the quarries and the city center.

As a result, the municipal administration has recognized the need to regulate the traffic flow of buses and identify suitable parking spaces. In this text, we will discuss the measures implemented by the administration, including transit bans, reserved parking spaces, and ticket prices for tourist buses visiting the quarries and the city center. We will also provide information on payment methods and contact details for the ZTL BUS Carrara.

The municipal administration in Carrara has noticed a constant increase in the number of buses arriving to visit the marble quarries, and has deemed it necessary to identify suitable routes given the large size of the vehicles and the particular shape of the roads and galleries.

To regulate the traffic flow of buses, the municipality has implemented a TRANSIT BAN for public transportation buses (tourist buses) unless they are equipped with a special permit issued by the competent authority and displayed visibly on the front of the vehicle (Tourist pass to be obtained according to the procedures provided by the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Carrara). The ban applies to the following road sections:

  • Viale XX Settembre upstream of the intersection with P.zza Vittorio Veneto
  • Via Nuova Prov. di Nazzano upstream of Via Frassina
  • Via Prov Carrara Avenza upstream of Nano
  • Via Vice upstream of Viale Turigliano Via San Francesco section under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Carrara
  • Castelpoggio town center (Via Emilia) and in the area delimited by the aforementioned streets as indicated in the attached planimetric map, which is an integral part of this document.

Regulation of Traffic Flow and Parking Spaces

To facilitate the parking and stopping of buses, spaces have been reserved in:

  • Piazza Vittorio Veneto
  • Largo Michel' as indicated by specific road signs, for a maximum consecutive period of 120 minutes, with the obligation to indicate the arrival time according to the procedures prescribed by the Highway Code. The parked vehicles must keep their engines turned off. The same rules apply when the information point is set up in the San Martino area and the related parking spaces in Via Elisa are established.
  • Via Comunale di Colonnati at the infirmary quarry square in the Fantiscritti area where the parked vehicles must keep their engines turned off.

Tourist Bus Access to Quarries and City Center

Tourist buses equipped with the required permit, as specified in paragraph 1, heading to/from the Information Point in the Stadio area, are allowed access to the quarries and must obtain a permit (together with a paid pass) at the check-point located on Viale XX Settembre - Piazza Vittorio Veneto and then follow the indicated route. To facilitate the parking of vehicles in the city, spaces reserved for tourist buses have been created in Largo Micheli, indicated by specific road signs.

Tariffs and Payment

Starting from 2017 and until 2020, the ticket price for tourist buses going to Carrara and the quarries will increase by 15 euros every year, going from the current 45 euros to 100 euros per bus. This increase has been decided by the administration and confirmed in a council resolution. A paid pass is required to visit the quarries and the city center by bus, which can be obtained at the check-point in the Stadio - Viale XX Settembre, Carrara. The ticket price is established by Municipal Council Resolution no.68/2016 and is equal to € 85.00 per bus.

Reduced Rates for Tourist Groups

A reduced rate of € 35.00 applies to:

  • school groups, groups visiting the city's museums or staying at hotels and B&Bs in Carrara, provided with a copy of the booking voucher
  • groups with a reservation for a tourist guide service authorized in the province of Massa-Carrara, with less than 35 passengers on the bus.

Payment Methods for Ticket

Payment for the ticket can be made:

  • in cash directly at the check-point
  • by bank transfer to the following postal IBAN: IT 82 E 07601 13600 000000118547
  • by postal bulletin, CCP number: 118547 made out to the Municipality of Carrara. The reason for payment should be specified as "visit to quarries/city on day/month/year".

Check-Point Operating Hours and Contact Information

: The check-point is open every day (including holidays) from 09:00 to 16:00. Contact information for the ZTL BUS Carrara is provided through the Tourist Information and Reception Point - Check Point Bus, which is open year-round and also distributes the "cave pass" required for tourist buses to access the marble quarries and the city center.

The office provides tourist information and distributes informational materials about the city and the province for accommodations, restaurants, city services, transportation, historical and artistic itineraries, events, exhibitions, and food and wine events.

    • Tourist Information and Reception Point - Check Point Bus
    • Address: Viale XX Settembre, 152/a - 54033- loc. Stadio Carrara (MS)
    • Phone: 0585 844136
    • Fax: 0585 869015
    • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Official website

    The service can also be contacted through the check-point where the pass to access the quarries and the city center is issued.

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