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Website Rules and Regulations

05 November 2022

General Regulations

1. Responsibility

  1. This site does not represent a newspaper, is updated without periodicity solely on the basis of the availability of materials.
  2. The site is edited and maintained as an amateur completely at the expense of the domain owner.
    1. - The material published does not constitute proof or certain information, therefore we do not assume any responsibility towards third parties who in any way use the advice, indications and information given, therefore accept its content without any claim on its veracity.
    2. - In order to have absolute certainty about the laws and regulations, please go to the authorized and competent Studies and Offices.
    3. - This agreement may be amended and updated without notice. It is therefore up to you to check and read it before each use of the site and to accept it in all its parts.
    4. - By being part of this website in the form of a membership, you will get a free Hosting service. The information hosting service is offered by the domain owner.
    5. - Administrators including the owner of the domain, have no responsibility for the content of messages or posts published by users, as there is no moderation for the posts being published.
    6. - Each message that is made public by the user through the various fields that the site offers, immediately makes him responsible for what is written and supported.
    7. -In this site there is the European and Italian regulation of civil behavior and respect for others.
    8. -Failure to comply with these regulations makes us liable to prosecution under the law.

2. Username, nickname

  1. Nicknames that reference or recall external pages or links are not allowed.
  2. No registered or unregistered names, companies, or organizations are allowed in the nickname.
  3. Words that refer to or under intend adult sites are not allowed in the nickname.
  4. Multiple nicknames are not allowed for the same person.

3. Post moderation

  1. In order not to compromise the quality of the site, we attempt to monitor, edit, moderate, and/or move any message or post that we feel is inappropriate for the topic or the site itself.
  2. Even staff comments do not necessarily reflect the ideas of the site owner themselves.
  3. Anyone can help report messages and posts that they feel are inappropriate.

4. Themes, titles and messages

  1. Before opening a new topic, please check via the Search field that the same issue has not been addressed and resolved.
  2. Try to make a good concise and descriptive title avoiding topics like Help, what do I do or I'm in trouble.
  3. Try to describe the problem as much as possible.
  4. Write as cleanly as possible in Italian without grammatical or spelling errors.
  5. Avoid sms-style posts like: imo, ngl, plis, ily.
  6. Never, ever, write entire posts in bold, in capital letters, in too small or too large, in colors different from the basic ones.
  7. Do not use more than two emoticons one after the other and no more than two emoticons in the same medium length post so as not to make posts childish.
  8. Each topic responds to a specific issue or discussion and posts must be relevant to the title of the post and not divert the discussion for any reason.
  9. Deletions of posts or themes are not allowed except in serious and special cases.

5. Respect

  1. Discussions on the site and the behavior of participants must comply with the rules and regulations of ethics, common sense and civility.
  2. Do not write messages that are defamatory, vulgar, offensive or that incite hatred or violence or that disrespect people companies or organizations.
  3. There is no room on this site for personal vendettas and/or private matters.

6. Priority Responses

  1. All requests are given equal priority at this site.
  2. For every response given, someone wastes their time giving support so never invite others to respond to your requests.

7. Link

  1. We do not accept links that violate privacy, copyright, affiliate, adult site or otherwise violate national or international laws.
  2. Affiliate links are only allowed by the owner of the site that uses them in the form of advertising or will otherwise have a revenue.


  1. To enrich the answers or messages is allowed the use of quotations and if not your own, the author must always be indicated by a link if copied on the internet or only the name in other cases.
  2. Quotations of previous messages of the same page are not allowed, because it is not correct to propose again to users what they have just read.
  3. To quote a message try to report only the minimum and not the entire message.

9. Self-promotion

  1. Self-promotion in any form is strictly prohibited.

10. Avatar, profile picture

  1. Each user has the right to use a representative image as an avatar and such image must not directly or indirectly express offensive, political, racist, obscene ideas or refer to its own or affiliated services.

11. Signature

  1. The signature description must be suitable and must not directly or indirectly express offensive, political, racist, obscene ideas or call out own or affiliated services.
  2. Links are not allowed in the signature.

12. Profile

  1. Upon registration the user is provided with a private area called Profile.
  2. Each user can fill in and modify the required fields or not as he/she likes.
  3. Each user is responsible for his actions on his profile, content and publications.
  4. All fields are public and once edited and saved will be visible to anyone.

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